Meet The Team

Cash The Bonus was created at the start of 2015 and is run by three friends - Ashley, Ben and James. We met each other whilst playing for the Ultimate Frisbee team at Sussex University in Brighton and bonded over out mutual passion for sports, logical thinking and anything of a competitive nature!

We created Cash The Bonus based on our own experiences with matched betting and have expanded the site to be the most comprehensive and welcoming group that you will find on the web. Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to experience the luxury of financial freedom that bonus cashing can open up for you.


CTB Ashley

Bio: I spend most of my life immersed in sport in one way or another whether that be playing Ultimate Frisbee or watching just about every sport going. You'll also find me making a spreadsheet for just about every possible application in my life, so I have absolutely no problem in sitting down entering all those bets in and then spending ages analysing it all.

Role on CTB: My main role within CTB is taking care of the day to day running of the business side of things. My other roles include, writing and sending emails and helping with the site content.

Favourite Sports Teams: Manchester United, Denver Broncos, The Yankees and The A's, LA Lakers, McLaren.



Bio: I am a gamer, whether that be on a computer or in real life playing strategic and challenging board games. My interests in the sporting world revolve mostly around that concept, hence I play baseball over the summer months and frisbee over the winter months. I am also a keen formula 1 fan and rarely miss a race. 

Role on CTB: I'm in charge of everything technical, and do all the backend work. Out of the three of us you will probably hear least from me, as I will be busy attempting to improve the features of the site and making sure nothing goes wrong to hamper your ability to make money.

Favourite Sports Teams: Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Arsenal, Toronto Blue Jays.


CTB James

Bio: When I'm not busy bonus cashing, you'll find me studying all things Geography-related or planning my next traveling adventure. I am also a big fan of Lego, 50ps and using lots of exclamation marks unnecessarily!

Role on CTB: My main role on the site is explaining the offers, so you'll hear a lot of my voice on the training videos and will be in touch if you get stuck.

Favourite sports teams: the mighty Manchester United, the high-flying Cherries (Bournemouth), Fiorentina and the Boston Red Sox.