The CTB Guide to Matched Betting

If you have never placed a bet before, then the idea of matched betting can be quite intimidating! However, it is simply a case of following our easy to understand step-by-step instructions on our site, and you can take it at whatever pace is best for you. Although it may seem like a leap of faith to begin with, it will soon become second nature and you will be rolling in the profits!

It works on a basic premise of covering all potential outcomes on a sporting event, so no matter what happens you will be making money. This is done in ‘bet pairings’ and involves a normal ‘back’ bet with a bookmaker and a ‘lay’ bet with a betting exchange. The bet will either win with the bookmaker or with the exchange, and you will then trigger a free bet from the bookmaker. This free bet is then bet in the same way to guarantee you a profit.  Here is a rundown of the basic steps:

1. Pick an offer from our site.

The first decision is picking a bookmaker with a good bonus on offer, such as ‘Bet £5 Get £20 Free’. There are lots out there, and you may have even found some yourself – but we have compiled over 40 of the best bookmaker sign-ups available for you to begin with. However, that isn’t the end of the opportunities – we scour the net finding the very best ongoing offers that you can make money from every single day!

2. Find a close match using our Odds Matching Software.

Each offer has detailed, numbered step-by-step instructions to follow and once you have read these it is then time to pick a sporting event to bet on. Matched betting doesn’t work on tips and we will never advise on what to bet on – it is simply all about the odds. Our site has inbuilt Odds Matching Software which compares the odds from the bookmaker and the exchange and displays the closest matches at that moment in time that will make you the most money. Pick one from this list and you’re ready for the next step.

3. Enter the information into our Matched Betting Calculator.

We provide you with your very own Matched Betting Calculator, in which you can input the odds and it will tell you how exactly much you need to place on each bet to effectively cover all outcomes. The aim is to make a tiny loss of a few pennies on your ‘qualifying’ bet pairing and then make a large profit from your ‘free bet’ bet pairing.

4. Place the back bet with the bookmaker.

You then need to head over to the bookmaker and place your back bet with them on the selection that you have chosen purely based on the odds. This type of bet just means that you are betting on the team to win, in other words just a normal bet that you may have placed before.

5. Place the lay bet with the exchange.

To complete the bet pairing you then need to place a lay bet with the betting exchange, such as Smarkets or Betfair. This is a bet on your selection not to win, and will cover all other outcomes that your back bet doesn’t e.g. if you placed a back bet on a football team to win, then the lay bet on them which will win if they lose or the match is a draw. As this is considered a qualifying bet, whatever happens in the match the overall result will leave you a few pennies down – but you will have triggered a free bet from the bookmaker.

6. Repeat the steps with the free bet.

As you have now completed the first part of the bookmaker’s offer, when you return to the bookmaker you will find you will have been credited with a free bet. You then complete the previous steps of finding a close match to bet on, entering the odds into the calculator and placing the back and lay bets. However, as this time you are using a free bet for the back bet instead of your own money, this time whatever happens you will end up with a nice profit.

7. Enjoy your profits!

This may all seem like it is incredibly complicated and time consuming, but it’s really not…once you get confident with these steps it only takes you 30 seconds to select a bet, work out the calculation and place the bet pairing. When you multiply this by the incredible amount of offers available with Cash The Bonus then you can start bringing in £1000+ a month, every month and really start to create the kind of financial freedom that you have always dreamed of.

We hope that you’ve found this guide useful and feel ready to sign-up! Register to the site today and if you have an questions then please send us an email over on our Contact Us page. Get Cashing!